Services A-1 Auto Transport Company Offers 


·         Soft-Sided Enclosed Transport- This method of enclosed transport uses a carrier that is covered in vinyl or canvas.

·         Hard-Sided Enclosed Transport- This is considered to be the best way to transport a vehicle because it protects your car safe from weather and travel conditions.

·         Open Air Transport- This is the most common way to transport a vehicle because not only is it cost efficient, but it is also incredibly safe.

·         Door to Door Delivery- For the most convenience, the company will send a carrier to your home and transport the vehicle to its destination from there. If you live on a narrow street, try to find the best location closest to your home where the trailer can safely navigate.

·         Terminal to Terminal- This is the industry standard for transporting a vehicle. The customer will need to both drop off and pick up their car from the depot or terminal. For the most cost effect method, talk to an agent about open air terminal to terminal shipping.



How Much Does Our Professional Auto Transport Service Cost?


To find out about how much it will cost to ship your vehicle to Santa Cruz, contact an auto transport company by telephone or stop in at a location nearest to you. A representative will be able to calculate a total and give you a free quote in fifteen minutes. Always make sure to do a little research on the company by checking out customer reviews on their website.

The method used to transport the vehicle, insurance, the weight of the vehicle, and distance are all factors that auto transport companies take into consideration when giving quotes to their clients. If you are a first-time shipper, you will be entitled to a deal. Car club members should also consider professional transport if they have plans to attend a car show in Santa Cruz.


We Keep Track of Your Vehicle


Another great feature A-1 Auto professional auto haulers offers their customers is satellite tracking. This makes it possible to see where your vehicle is at all times. Professionals want to provide those who do business with them real-time proof of how fast and efficient they operate.


 Before hiring just anyone to transport your vehicle, do sufficient research and collect quotes from at least three reputable companies. By doing this, you can ensure that you get all of the best features and service for the best deal. Contact a professional in the auto transport industry to receive a free quote